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Robin Hood

Robin Hood Gomovies,I have said it before ,this is a must see movie ,its new take and twist of the classic tale of robin hood breaths life in to the legend once again .
It might not be the most historically accurate remake of the tale but that is part of its charm ,the elements of modern time make it a thrill to follow and more relatble, it gives a clear message to fight for what you love and to stand up for others even when noone else dares too.
The movie has a strong and amazing cast that all fit in their roles like a glove ,they all offer great acting , Solid stunts and despite all the hate the movie have endured noone can question the hard work and love the whole cast and crew have put into it and their extraordinary archery skills are way beyond just cgi .
In fact they were trained by famous archer lars anderson and can more than well handle themself around a bow and arrow ,which is certainly a plus .